Here we present the workflow we use to keep track of projects and make them work smoothly. From the first meeting until we finish and follow up.

The start-up

1-uppstartTogether with the customer, we discuss and establish the functions the product should contain and the conditions on how it needs to be accomplished. We twist and turn to see that the idea goes all the way.

It´s called ”the workshop”.

2-workshopWe put a team of employees together with the right skills and different approaches. The goal is to identify opportunities and avoid pitfalls. We plan what needs to be included in the product to make it work and what features can be added by hand.

Wireframes and flow

3-underlagWhen we know your requirements, we present an outline of the product’s functionality. We start with what we have found during our workshops and put on good and possible future functions. It’s called a wireframe. We create a functional flow and examine the decisions that must be taken in the project when and how. We summarize all this in a report to you.

This is an important step that lays the foundation for the project.

Is this the way it was intended?

When we’ve come this far, we have a good basis to move forward. In the report, and the operational flow, we have captured most of the time on and around the product that is essential to be able to proceed with design and development. Here we have a reconciliation with you that the project is properly understood and we thought of everything.

After this, we are able to estimate the development costs of design and production.


4-designWho will receive the content and what do you want to communicate? To know how to speak, we must know who we turn to.

Visual design and interaction are related to creating intuitive products that merge with technology. This involves the concept, look, feel and experience, but also about the messages, color and shape – which also needs to speaks the same language as your existing graphical profile.



Once the design is approved, we move on to production. We code parallel to the wireframe to ensure that the product looks like it should and has the right functionality.

We start to work with structure and back-end functions. So sometimes it can take a while for the functions and performance to look like it should. This is usually why the client can’t see the progress in early stages of production. For larger projects, you can follow development in checkpoints at ”sandbox” during production, where we make regular checks with you.

Approval and follow-up

6-feedbackThis is where you review the product and reconnect to us with adjustments. After your approval we will launch the product. After having been in operation for some time, we do a follow-up and examine the results and future needs.

Operation, maintenance and development

8-klartMost of our customers prefer to have their applications and websites in our server park. We offer maintenance and operating, which provides help to keep the site up and running with the right capabilities, secure, fast, up to date and with ongoing adjustments.

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