PREK has several exciting services and products, but basically we are IT consultants who create solutions for the web to keep it simple.

Solutions for Web

Actually, it means that we create and build everything from advanced systems solutions, websites, email, IT to intranet and social media.

We are a highly skilled technology company with extensive experience from many different industries and solutions.

We are broadening our focus.

Unlike traditional web agencies, our focus on products based on the analysis of quantifiable results, measurability and continuous development. It allows us to offer our customers a service that not only results in a tidy profit, but also a product that takes them closer to their goals.

“We offer our customers the PREK method”

PREK method

Prekmetoden is a workflow we use to keep track of and manage projects in order to get them to work and proceed in the best and easiest way. From the first meeting until we finish, go “live” and follow up.

Read more about this method at How we do it .

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How we do it

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Who we are

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