MiMove is the new property-purchasing platform launching in England that was developed with Scandinavian design at its core. Property shopping finally looks great, and also – it’s digital.

The company was started by the core of the team behind Hemnet.se, a Swedish based company that has years of experience working with real estate in Sweden. The Swedes, unlike in England, have been purchasing homes digitally for nearly 20 years. Not only have they mastered the practical aspects, but they’ve also added their Scandinavian sense of design making it a whole new content platform. Many people in Sweden spend their free time scrolling through objects. The content is that good! No more dark pictures of unclean apartments with a flash in the mirror.

Purchasing your dream home!

Purchasing a dream home in southern Spain is anything but a dream process, as many will tell you. Language barriers, dodgy property documents and hidden property tax are just a few of the aspects that can make buying your dream home a nightmare. MiMove has verified personnel at all stages ensuring the smoothest experience when buying a dream home, and no surprises.

The platform is launching now and is set on evolving an old and static business that is in great need of a new look. Welcome to mimove.com.

Information and contact

For further information, interview inquiries or content, please contact Peter Lundell, Director of Development, on phone +46 13-37 47 70 or e-mail.

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