During the years, Prek has worked with almost everything concerning IT. It all started in 1975 with a group of univerity students from the program “Industrial economy”. They started their own business and the first project was to develop a production system for Bofors.


We started to work with IT-projects. It was all about the value of computer power and using computers in business. Later we entered a phase where the projects were more about evaluation and rationalizing when installing computers.


In 1978 we launched Sweden’s first IT-product for real estate agents. It was a living costs analysis tool for the computer ABC80, this was a turning point and made us start to specialize in IT for real estate agents.

Prek has led a large number of projects and initiatives in the business. We were, among other things, assigned to run Hemnet.se during its first 10 years.


During the years we have created salary calculation software, systems for leads management, two real estate softwares, publishing and report tools. We have also created a resource management system called REPA for production industries like Bofors and W‰rtsil‰ Diesel. We have created many custom-made IT-solutions for real estate agents – both hardware ande services – and of course our own real estate system FasAd.

Among many other things.

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